The indicators To understand loyalty programs

Let us now start with an exclamation point-that is, the numbers and indicators that give us a better understanding of the phenomenon...
And to do that, we thought it was appropriate to take two of the major players that we think are the biggest and most entitled in the market and in the world of loyalty: the first is Loyaltyone, a very large, Canadian company that deals with very large companies like Disney, Shell and many other major players.

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The Loyaltyone Company that Wikipedia also mentions, has the ability to compile an annual report on everything in the world of loyalty and, in this report, as you can see from the chart, interviews both major B2B operators and B2C operators …


As far as B2B operators are concerned, as many as 1,200 companies were interviewed while 4,500 are the respective members of B2C programs thus the direct stakeholders relatively to all loyalty programs.

We consider this to be an extremely reliable figure because we are talking about a sample of 5,700 respondents (we are referring to B2B and B2C), and we have to say that when it comes to samples from 5,000 subjects upwards we are already talking about an extremely reliable statistical sample.

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Well, when political polls are conducted, they are generally done with a recommended statistical sample of 1,000 interviews, and for an explanation of how to technically conduct a good poll we refer you to an interesting article from the post authored by Davide Maria De Luca and titled precisely: How political polling is done.

This is the reason that leads us to affirm how a sample of 5,700 respondents, i.e., almost 6 times the statistical sample recommended for political surveys (where, moreover, the maximum pool of interviewable users is obviously very large), is absolutely benchmark and reliable especially in view of what we are going to measure (loyalty cards, loyalty programs and mechanisms by which loyalty cards operate).


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