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Big Data is an additional guarantee for services delivered by selected partners

In support of the consulting activity, Big Data Innovation Group is able to offer a range of complementary activities and qualified services on the strictly operational and application level, when this is required. Some functions are directly offered by the firm. Others, however, are provided by highly professional suppliers and external collaborators who adhere to the quality pact, established by the Big Data Innovation Group Charter and which, in turn, is an additional guarantee of efficiency and professionalism in terms of: performance, cost control, efficiency, and availability of complementary services.

website features

Our expertise

Corporate Marketing and Web Marketing

Web Marketing Strategies

Analysis and strategic setting of a site

SEO consulting and advanced optimization

Social Media Management

Video Marketing

Web design and website design

Ecommerce via our mobile APP for Android/IOs

Traditional Ecommerce

Ecommerce eXperience 360

Content marketing

Creating and editing the necessary editorial content

Our expertise

Industrial photography, advertising

Video, Commercials

jingles, professional voiceovers

Plans and applications for e-commerce

Integrated services for Booths, corporate meetings

Design of Points of Sale

Designing and making work clothes

Lithographic, digital, screen printing services

Packaging creation and prototyping


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