Printing promotional flyers: Do we still need that many?

Understanding now that, perhaps, the old fidelity card, as we have seen and understood it up to this point, is outdated at least in fact, there is another question to which it is fair to answer: what do we think about flyers and whether or not we think they are outdated as well.

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So let’s say one thing always according to our thinking: in our opinion, now and over time, flyers will remain an advertising vehicle in any case, even if we would like to think of a world with less environmental impact, even if we are aware that the more paper we print the more trees we cut down… but the paper flyer, it will always remain even if, over time, it is destined to become a vintage item!

They will certainly come out more downsized over time (in terms of numbers), but certainly the way in which promotional activities are and will be carried out will have to be changed.

Clearly, the comparators of offers that today are addressed only in some certain sectors, more easily monitored (e.g. electronics, tools, telephony, etc.), tomorrow, will be extended to the totality of sectors and activities that do trade, both traditional and electronic.


The various apps that are out there for mobile that follow on from the flyers that are a little bit, pass us the term, like classic TV that, although outdated, still will never wane but, if at one time it was enough to simply advertise, without looking too much at the communication channel, as time goes on, this reasoning will no longer suffice.

Nowadays we know that, along with the traditional channel, and, to make a comparison with TV if we look at traditional TV channels, we saw first the appearance of so many private TVs, then Sky, then Sky on cable, to get to Netflix with all the other cable viewing tools, social has appeared, there’s the Web itself invading you, and with retargeting mechanisms, all you have to do is visit a store for research or for viewing a particular item, and you’ll immediately find business propositions everywhere and on whatever site you go to or whatever social you consider.

So clearly yes, the flyers are outdated, at least partially.

This is not to say that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow they will disappear but that they will certainly be destined to decrease in intensity, in the number of flyers printed per single promotional period, just as they will certainly change in terms of the proposals within them.

Obviously, to this day, for example, my mother prefers to receive the classic paper flyer or more generally of advertising always in the form of paper, however, if I think of my daughter who is 10 years old and is really of the “Netflix” generation, of course, we are talking about a different thing altogether-why? Because she will probably never see the flyers but will instead be captured to be led to follow only another type of interaction (at least predominantly), another type of advertisement.


Therefore, we cannot continue with the current waste of resources, which also represents an impoverishment of the planet thinking then that, in large part, they go into trash bins.

If I take me as an example, like all my neighbors, we just wait for the mailbox to be full and then empty it directly into the paper and cardboard container.

If we then go on to consider that this is what they do in the generality, the majority of people, it is necessary for companies to realize that doing leafleting also represents a means of increasing in a traditional way brand awareness (corporate brand recognition and perception of the company) but that this can be done with a much smaller and limited number of copies (number of leaflets printed) and instead those resources that today are basically diverted entirely or almost entirely to this type of advertising (today rather passive or outdated), can be shifted in part, reallocating them to the digital world, but in turn supported by truly innovative customer interaction mechanisms and loyalty programs, to get to the one goal that must be represented by our individual customer, placed truly at the center of attention.


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