Opening an online store: all the reasons to do it now

Whether to open an online store is one of the questions that many store owners ask, as well as wondering how to open an online store, with what costs, what paperwork to do, and many others that we are going to answer with a post for each of them. The first most important thing is to decide to do it, but the next most important thing is to choose how to do it and the right strategy to avoid making unnecessary efforts and wasting resources. Always do this as informed.

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Opening an online store: the pandemic has accelerated the process around the world

If we think that for so many of the things that are happening (opening an online store, digitization of stores, eCommerce, public administration digitization), we have to say indirectly thanks to the pandemic, we should also reflect on how, the change of processes, cannot be induced by events that force you to make certain choices, but rather governed by a forward-looking and predictive vision of changing scenarios.

Among all sectors, eCommerce had a turnover of just over 14 billion in 2010, and now we are at over 48 in 2020.


Opening an online store: to record the 4 important effects due to the pandemic

  1. Turnover compared to 2019, almost remained basically stable (-1% on the 48 bn)
  2. Some categories, such as travel, have dropped steeply.
  3. Food, which weighed in at 2.7 percent in 2018, (totaling about €1.121 billion), came to weigh in at 5 percent in 2020, registering a total turnover of about €2.413 billion.
  4. Unique eCommerce users increased from 700,000 to 2,000,000

The food world alone more than doubled sales, despite the fact that the entire demand that grew due to the limits imposed by the lockdown was not met due to the unorganization of most Italian retailers.

All companies have begun a spasmodic race to have their own online presence, and those who do not have a web presence will be crushed in a lethal grip.

For those who have a business today and sell to the public, it is no longer just a matter of racing against the clock, but one must also focus on choices that will make a real difference in both service to one’s customer and the most important aspect, which is loyalty, obviously at the same time as the action of opening an online store.

With the whole world of commerce landing online you will see a rush to advertise, which can only be sustained by those who have significant resources to invest in communication.

Opening an online store: the solution in our opinion

The world of eCommerce will eventually find itself divided into two major types: a first and large part will be made up of all the large commercial operators that operate over vast territories and invest heavily in communication, and a second, of neighborhood eCommerce, which will complement that fabric of small neighborhood businesses that will continue to give services to their customers but take advantage of the online presence to engage them differentially and give them a way to appreciate the greater services.

Also not neglecting the PERSONALIZATION aspect, which everyone talks about and fills their mouths with, but which no one to date and except us, has really addressed in a concrete way and on a global scale.


Opening an online store: the positioning of our eCommerceVolution® product.

Just on this basis, we developed an eCommerce and customer engagement APP with a complete ecosystem of customer loyalty features, eCommerce eVolution.

It is developed in several levels; a first one that aims to make life easy for small stores that need to be able to sell right away without having complex management systems behind them, without having to spend money on advertising like traditional eCommerce, that is easy to use, and that builds customer loyalty. You no longer have an excuse not to open an online store. It’s smart, it’s simple, it’s free, it’s yours!

A second, more complex version, equipped with an artificial intelligence algorithm of our own development, allowing discounts to be customized even on a per-consumer basis.

Each business can make 100,000 different digital flyers for each of its 100,000 customers.

The news comes directly from Amazon, which plans to close all 68 bookstores, pop-up stores, and physical stores that sell toys and household items in the United States and the United Kingdom.

An information reported by Reuters that ends some of the longest-running experiments in physical retailing by the U.S. giant.

Even Amazon, in short, despite having actually begun its growth as an Internet bookstore, and having brought about the personal bankruptcy of established competitors such as Borders, seems to have failed to discover a winning business model in this type of market, which has actually long endured internationally.

The first physical bookstore was opened in Seattle in 2015.
This is despite all the efforts to develop a format that could have simulated some distinctive aspects of Amazon’s online experience, from testimonials to innovations to the services offered.

Retail is difficult, and Amazon is feeling it,” said Wedbush Stocks expert Michael Pachter.

As Reuters explains, earnings from its “physical stores” accounted for only 3 percent of its $137 billion in sales last quarter.

To no one’s surprise, however, the view on various other fronts is different, starting with the food world.

Indeed, the Seattle-based titan has stated that, in the future, it will definitely focus more on the grocery store market and also on developing an outlet store principle.

With the understanding that success will be all to be seen, everyone with a retail business is forewarned.

Differentiating yourself is a must if you want to keep up with the times.

Call one of our experts and learn more about how our eCommerceVolution APP can help you turn your future around.

Opening an online store: Who eCommerce mobile eCommerceVolution® is aimed at.

Both versions are suitable for all stores and chain stores that sell retail but more specifically that wants to have an APP created for its customers’ smartphones, all HIS, customized in its name, that it can have its customers download from the APPLE or GOOGLE store, that works with just a few clicks (we say with 4) and that allows it to immediately bill more by providing a whole range of value-added services to its customers as well as by building their loyalty to the maximum possibility.

In any case, remember that only with YOUR solution will you be able to emphasize and maximize all your differences from the competition, and only with YOUR solution will you be able to detach yourself from the “live or die” advertising war.

Start selling from your current customers by giving them a chance at a new service (that’s why open an online store) and then go on to capture more customers.

Remember that today your customers buy “only a small part of their needs” from you, so the first step you must take is to sell them all those products that they normally buy from others.

To do this you have to give them services you do not offer today, build their loyalty and make you different from your competitors.

Here’s why to open an online store with eCommerceVolution®.

Opening an online store: how the eCommerce mobile APP eCommerceVolution® is designed

Developed specifically for smartphones, it supports infinite stores of the same chain and has behind it a system of analitycs and artificial intelligence just to push maximum loyalty.


Check out the features on our website ( and a free consultation is booked, the objective of which is to understand current needs, operational and organizational methods as well as the IT infrastructure available.

During the consultation we assess the impacts and needs in order to implement the software right away (logos, privacy, etc.) after which we invite you to download our APP from our store to try it out (except the control panel) and, when you are satisfied and confident, we will proceed to open a FREE CONTRACT for 12 months within which you can work and use our APP without limitations and without paid renewal obligations.

We have also been listed on the portal of the Ministry of Digital Development and Technological Innovation in the Neighbors and Connected section, where we offer precisely to help all companies that are feeling the need to modernize and structure their business.

We decided to proceed with this sensational offer only for the first 1,000 activations just to position it in the market, but in any case the prices are bound to rise over time.

If you want to open an online store, you too should try eCommerceVolution®, the mobile eCommerce APP that will immediately bill 30% more with 4 clicks and without spending a single euro on advertising.


eCommerceVolution® APP - Why to use it

By watching these short videos, you will discover how you can modernize your business with our integrated solution!

1) A digital sales system...

2) It could guarantee your future...

3) It could make you eliminate waste...

4) It could build customer loyalty...

5) And if your symptoms are these...

6) Then here is the solution...

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