Loyalty cards: better digital or traditional fidelity cards

Well, if what we have just stated on the subject of customer retention has left you wondering, we must at this point fully understand the answer to this question:
Do we recommend not moving the recognition tool from physical to digital?
Well yes!
Correct answer!

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We strongly advise against it, and now we are also going to explain why, according to our model of thinking, because if we go and carefully read the Loyalty Big Picture Report, published by LoyaltyOne, which we repeat, was based on interviews with 5,700 subjects, including 1,200 large companies and 4,500 users of loyalty programs (the end customers of the 1,200 companies interviewed), we draw an extremely important fact …

… namely that 70 percent of the operators surveyed, say how their users/customers interact with their websites but, in each case have as a recognition tool the old dear physical loyalty card, the plastic one to understand.

On the other hand, this finding is confirmed instead by users and why?

Because 31 percent of respondents say they interact with digital-only loyalty programs.

So, since we are facing such a significant gap, where still 7 out of 10 users and on the other side 7 out of 10 operators work, operate, with the old dear physical fidelity card, what is the point of wanting to revolutionize a system at all costs?

But even assuming and not assuming that we were to switch to all operators recognizing their customers by entirely digital means, their loyal customers, their “associates,” do we ever want to think that recognition as we said before, the recognition mechanism alone can make it possible for us to really penetrate into the heartbreak of our customers?

Not so! This is not the case at all!

It would all be money ill-invested, it would all be resources diverted from what represents the main point on which they should instead be invested-that is, building true loyalty programs that make interactions, that capture interactions with every single individual, putting every single customer truly at the center of attention.


We must build (and as far as we, as a society, have in fact built …) a podium where, in first place, there is only our customer, every customer of ours.

And there should be no second and third places.

Each customer plays a role unto himself, each customer deserves his first place in our attention.

Therefore, it is useless to think of wasting resources by throwing them out the window, thinking that digitization of recognition tools alone can be the answer for us to retain our customers over time.


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