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On this page you will find all press releases from the Big Data Innovation Group.
Obviously this is not a news aggregator, but rather we are keen to show the citations we receive for our work, and how much official work we go into.

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iFintech agreement: the bridge to the future

Big Data Innovation Group opens its doors to the market aware of the disruptive power of its innovation and feels ready to scale its field of expertise as soon as possible.

To do this there was a need to rely on an ethical, certified, and above all, competent partner.

This was the reason that tied us to iFintech and will accompany us on this journey.

How to build customer loyalty: eCommerceVolution's solutions

“To talk about how to build customer loyalty, it’s good to summarize the scenarios we envision in the future based on the knowledge we have,” says Dr. Barbara Assaiante, Founder &CEO of Big Data Innovation Group, an innovative startup with an ambitious goal to be a leader in the field of personalized customer discounts.

It turns out to be inevitable that the whole world will move more and more toward e-commerce, but this will not mean the total closure of stores.

Come fidelizzare i clienti con eCommerceVolution

eCommerce: Traditional or hybrid?

“Picking up on an IBM study of 19 Thousand people worldwide, the Big Data Innovation Group reinforces its thinking about the identity that every store should build online.”

This is what Dr. Barbara Assaiante founder & Ceo of the company states.

“In fact, our innovative solution within a mobile app will allow each store to have its identity strengthened, and we try to briefly explain why.”

Ecommerce tradizionale ed ecommerce ibrido

eCommerce: How digitization accelerates in an IBM study

“We found from a study conducted by IBM Institute for Business Value in collaboration with National Retail Federation,” says Dr. Assaiante (CEO of Big Data), where we find key information to guide choices.

By now, ecommerce has become a travel companion for every web surfer.

We became accustomed to buying via the Internet, first to source online what we could not buy physically, but then the need turned into a service that, for many, was a step forward.

eCommerce come funziona dal dopo Covid: Studio del 2022

Loyalty cards: what they are and what they are used for

Corriere Economia’s interview with Dr. Barbara Assaiante on the state of the art of loyalty cards.

Loyalty cards are tools that “should” allow the retailer to make their customers loyal.

“It should,” points out Dr. Barbara Assaiante, founder & CEO of Big Data Innovation Group, “as in reality of cases it merely gives standardized rewards for each customer, missing the concept of loyalty and personalization.” Loyalty cards to date are an obsolete tool and, the only real added value is in tracking and storing customer purchases, something, however, unfortunately, almost never used by many.

Cos’è una carta fedeltà ed a cosa serve

eCommerce during and after the pandemic

The interview with Dr. Barbara Assaiante on the hot topic of ecommerce related to the necessary digitization accelerated by the pandemic in the article in Courier Economy.

Among all sectors, eCommerce had a turnover of just over 14 billion in 2010, and now we are at over 48 in 2020. Turnover compared to 2019 remained almost stable, registering a decline in some sectors such as travel, for example, in contrast to food, which grew by 5 percent in 2020.

L’ecommerce durante e dopo la pandemia


eCommerceVolution® APP - Why to use it

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Introducing... eCommerceVolution: evolve with your customers

Big Data Innovation Group: who we are

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