How to retain customers: ideas to retain customers

How to build customer loyalty: find out the best ideas for customer loyalty and general tips for working in a major way under the aspect of customer loyalty.
Remember that a satisfied customer is the best solution among all business strategies

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You Google “customer retention,” and you find headlines that conjure up miracles, but retaining a customer is one of the first things I was taught to do when I was in sales, in the early years of my working career.

Yes, because before you go looking for a new customer, which is not to be disdained at all but to be done at the same time, it is good to build loyalty, that is, to make the customer loyal to your company.

If, for example, we want to see what Wikipedia has to say on this subject about loyalty, we read verbatim: “Loyalty indicates the set of marketing actions aimed at retaining existing customers and is achieved primarily through a series of strategies designed to create the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

There are no cases in which it is not possible to retain a customer.

If I sell phone subscriptions I can sell my customers other value-added services, if I sell products (whatever they are) I can try to sell them more over time.

Even if I sell real estate I could still, by retaining my client, have other returns over time such as other properties to sell or buy, a friend or relative introduced who may need my services, etc.

Retaining customers, for sales people is a “must.” It must be done at all costs.

So what is customer loyalty?

is a very long and complex endeavor that must last over time, simply because a loyal customer comes back to you, buys from you again, introduces you to other potential customers until they become a kind of your testimonial.

The problem, however (because this is really a problem), is that today when we talk about customer loyalty one of the first things we imagine is the classic loyalty cards, of which we are full inside our wallets or of which we have saturated the storage space of our smartphone APPs.

Yes because we have everyone’s fidelity cards now, like it was a collection of stamps (do they still exist?), toy soldiers (how I used to like them) or Tex and Marvel Superheroes…

And the shopkeepers who “dispense” them do so with a nonchalance that makes one shudder.

But to stay with the question: what is customer loyalty, we must ultimately answer that it is represented by all those actions and practices put in place to increase customer satisfaction to such an extent that we identify ourselves as the answer to their need in our target industry.

So far we have stayed in the academic but then to get to the practical?

How to build customer loyalty: What to do and what not to do to retain customers

Let’s avoid fine words and think about what phone companies do to make their customers “constant” (obviously kidding).

Promotion for all new customers … in sunshine … so customers switch from company “A” to “B” to get a discount and then vice versa return to “A” and get another discount.

Nice marketing strategy!

This is what ever needs to be done.

You can’t pit new customers against old ones, and just to acquire new ones they make exaggerated promotional discounts for the first year or another period of time.

But the same thing some “cable” TV did.

There are many more examples we could give, but more than pitting your clients against each other you just couldn’t do.

How to build customer loyalty: why to retain a customer

Why build customer loyalty? there are too many things of which too little measured use is made today: web marketing (there are so many gurus who want to tell you the secret that no one knows–they first), social media (just have a profile on the main social networks and, above all, have likes and it seems like you are talking to the influencer on duty).

In most cases there are only people who have the habit of copying the 4 things they were taught in some marketing course (and that is the minimum), but more and more we tend to want to schematize everything by thinking of marketing and web marketing as magic formulas, and operating in this way, rather than creating a strategy aimed at customer loyalty, we try to study the formula as if it were calculating a perimeter.

The customer must be retained because it is the only means of continuing to work with them, and a customer who is retained will accompany you on a never-ending journey.

Ultimately it is your employer to whom you are accountable and for whom you must operate while trying to satisfy them as best you can.

And the customer will reward you with consistency over time or simply by speaking well of you.

There are only benefits with loyal customers, and so with the customer let us always remember that we are dealing with our employer, and he will be the one to “reveal all the benefits of loyalty” with his behavior.

How to build customer loyalty: online and offline customer loyalty

And here we go back to loyalty cards for a moment simply to remember one thing: before eCommerce we were dealing with only physical stores but today with online sales there is a different loyalty strategy?

Making a customer loyal is like writing a post! Are you crazy, someone will say?

But yes! Let many people say that, too, but I’ll explain right now why it is as I say: when you make a post are you writing for search engines or are you doing it for your potential readers?


To make your customer loyal you must make the same effort as someone who wants to write a post not to “win the search engine ranking war,” but to provide value to his or her potential reader.

Right now I am talking to you as to friends at the bar and I am not looking at engine-driven post optimization because my goal is to give a minimum of value to those who want to read this post that ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT WANT to be the same as the others, but not to “pass the copyscape screen,” but simply because I want to convey all of my and our knowledge in the world of retention to such an extent that you realize that if you have the goal of winning the trust of your customers you are in the right place.

In short, being able to make you understand who we really are is the only way to give you value.

Here, always remember that if you want to make a customer loyal, constant, recurring (say it any way you want), you must necessarily give them value. Always.

But then what did you mention fidelity cards for?

Simply because ask yourself what value a loyalty card from, for example, a supermarket can provide.

I have loyalty cards from Conad, Esselunga, Carrefour, as well as Coop, Pewex, Super Elite, Castoro, Emmepiù…. Please stop.

Ask yourself what all these loyalty cards can be used for and what value do they give me?

Just to pull out the right card depending on the supermarket within which I go shopping.

I’ll take an award from this one from the other one anyway and so on; then there are those who make you accumulate points over several years, who convert them to you, etc.

But if you were the one who had to spend (because it is not an investment) all that money to give everyone cards that do not lead to true loyalty, would you do it?

In my opinion absolutely not!

The fidelity card absolutely must be surpassed and rethought in a totally different way.

The customer will return to us only if he or she is involved, if we put him or her at the center of attention, if we do discount activities just for him or her (personalized discounts).

With the advent of eCommerce then we are faced as a third wheel…

Do we do electronic fidelity cards?

We return again to the same reasoning as before.

Do I write for the engines or for my users/customers?

It may change the medium when we go online or to the physical store but the goal must always be the same.


Ultimately the answer to the question of whether there are differences in online and offline customer retention is: yes but only in the means and not in the end and the way.

How to build customer loyalty with eCommerceVolution®

To talk about this sensitive topic, it is good to summarize the scenarios we envision in the future based on the knowledge we have.

It turns out to be inevitable that the whole world will move more and more toward e-commerce, but this will not mean the total closure of stores.

In the end, Amazon itself is opening stores, albeit without checkout staff and still in the testing phase.

Inevitably, however, all those recurring and unproblematic purchases are now and increasingly being made via the Web.

As the years and generations go by, the consumers of the future who are today’s children will be increasingly projected to the Web for shopping and entertainment for the physical stores part.

And while it is true that it is nice to get groceries, it is also true that having them delivered to your home is no small convenience or even picking them up ready at the time you can and especially at your store near your home is ideal for those who are always out for work and have their time kept to a minimum.

However, showrooms and people will always be needed to explain the features of the products, to convince customers to make the best choice to meet their needs.

At the same time, the misguided rush to eCommerce at all costs is pushing everyone toward online without a clear strategy and especially in very many cases toward means that, in our opinion, are dangerous.

Which ones? Sell on Amazon or Ebay, open a store on Facebook or Instagram, or more simply join JustEat or trade association mega portals.

Inside these giants you are everyone and no one.

You don’t build anything for yourself, and you work with third-party means that make them available to you only because they want to have the gold of our time: data!

If we look at Esselunga an article by truenumbers talks about a revenue of 224 million in 2019 which was 180 million in 2017 (source economyup) but that according to an interview on Republic at the ceo on march 24, 2020, he says they got to 4 percent…considering that they had sales of over 8 billion… you do the math.

And do you think they could have made this growth if they had approached others? Had they used other people’s means?

Why do you have your own store and then outsource your online store to Facebook?

Do you have a clothing store? It’s like if you brought Zalando into partnership-would you do that?

Do you have a grocery store? Would you put a corner of Esselunga in your interior even if only as services?

Selling online is like having another parallel business to take care of in all its details that can only be taken care of by you and that only you can grow, just like your physical store.

eCommerceVolution, wants to be YOUR online sales system and YOUR ecosystem of loyalty functions, built on your basis.

It must become your proximity commerce tool. What does it mean? That if you have a grocery store in Rome you are unlikely to be able to serve a customer in Milan (unless you have a store of specialty and originality but on which online you would have to spend big money on advertising or publicity as you like) while you are very likely to be able to give a big service to customers neighboring your business.

Those same customers returning home today do their shopping elsewhere and come to buy from you the only things they have forgotten or are comfortable buying.

You could have them get the groceries ready, maybe even charge them online or pay for them on delivery, you could deliver them home.

But almost the same thing can apply to a clothing store that can put online (for its regular customers) a convenient catalog, perhaps with new items and products always in evidence and that can give all the possible info just about new arrivals, making sure that your customer is as if he or she came to see you in the store.

The difference with Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, JustEat?

It is your application, customized for you, with your logos, that users find and download from the Apple or Google store under your brand name.

Do you want to put?

It is easy to use and has a great loyalty ecosystem (check out all the features) but if you would like there is all our support to get it started or run it on your behalf, considering having a marketing department all to yourself.

Of course, if you run it yourself (we made it to make it usable even by a child) you will pay only the small set monthly fee, whereas if we were to be your marketing department there are offerings designed precisely to allow you to work without any thought-we would do everything on your behalf.

eCommerceVolution is an APP that will allow you to maximize your customer loyalty thanks to its functions that we are going to discover…

How to build customer loyalty with eCommerceVolution®: system registration

  • REGISTRATION THROUGH FIDELITY CARD: If you already have an active “assumed loyalty” system, it’s time to go digital. Upload your master data into our system in the blink of an eye and there your customers, when they install the APP can identify themselves with their active loyalty card. [IMMAGINE 3]
  • YOU HAVE A FIDELITY CARD SYSTEM BUT YOUR CUSTOMER NEVER WANTED IT: No problem, they can in fact request it when they first log in, fill in the necessary data, choose at which point of sale to have it delivered (if you have more than one point of sale) and at that point you are done. He will receive a temporary code from the system that will be replaced when you give him his fidelity (so you will go to the system and, before giving it to him, replace the temporary code with in card number) and he will be automatically recognized. [IMMAGINE 4]
  • YOU DON’T HAVE A FIDELITY CARD SYSTEM AND DON’T WANT TO HAVE IT; HOW TO USE ECOMMERCEVOLUTION: You can ask your customers to register by requesting access and they will always proceed with the temporary code, which, in this case, becomes permanent. Should you wish to implement a loyalty card system you can always do so otherwise the system will proceed anyway. [IMMAGINE 5]
  • YOUR CUSTOMER DOES NOT WANT TO HAVE THE FIDELITY CARD REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU HAVE THE SYSTEM: as above he can proceed with the temporary code which becomes permanent but you in any case can have the statistics of his purchases.
  • REGISTERING YOUR CLIENT THROUGH HIS PHONE NUMBER: Your client can decide to register, or you can decide to have him register with his cell phone number as well and he will access all the functions as above (cooming soon)

These steps already allow you to have a SYSTEM of control over your turnover, and that’s the most important thing…but let’s move on to the active functions as far as loyalty is concerned.

How to build customer loyalty with eCommerceVolution®: reviews

  • INTERNAL REVIEWS: Reviews are very important, but unlike reviews such as on Amazon, which are open and available to all, these are visible only to you. Therefore, whenever your customer has completed a purchase, if you have chosen to ask him/her a whole series of questions (review set), the opportunity to respond with a grade and a comment will appear. Only one of you may respond. This function is very important for you because for one thing it allows you to get info directly from the customer and thus can help you improve the service you offer him; let’s take an example: you prepared his groceries that he ordered through the APP but he received the goods in a messy way and some packages are spoiled. If you asked among the questions things like this, he can let you know and you can go ahead and warn the person who prepares it to be more careful (or it will apply to you if you do everything yourself) but in any case it will help you figure out what to improve in your supply chain.

How to build customer loyalty with eCommerceVolution®: advanced profiling

  • ADVANCED PROFILING: you can do as many “surveys” as you want and then you can (with your customers’ consent) ask questions, even in a periodic sequence, about usage and consumption, purchasing behavior, preferences and more; this will allow you to better understand your customers to offer them things that are always in line with expectations. again this is information that is only for you and not even shareable.

How to build customer loyalty with eCommerceVolution®: featured products

  • PRODUCTS IN HIGHLIGHT: With this feature, you can do two very important things, the first to propose featured, the second to monetize with your suppliers. Let me explain further. For each product you want to highlight, you can post up to 5 customizable images, 1 video and an audio. Do you have a GASTRONOMY or FOOD STORE/MACHINE SHOP? You prepare a nice product ready for sale, you take 5 nice pictures of it to show it in various different ways, you can shoot a video to illustrate how to prepare it, and you could also put an audio for how to serve at the table or even for how to prepare it itself (you will facilitate those who want to listen but don’t want to see). Lunch is served. By sending the notification, your customers will know that you have added a dish and then they can go immediately to see it with all its features. Do you have a clothing/footwear store? Do you have a new garment or even a new collection to present to your customers? Take good photos (if you have a collection of say 10 garments take 5 photos of each garment), make a video presentation for each one, and post each one on a different date. If you have 10 new items and present them in 10 to 15 days to your customers, you will always remember to be there (never invade someone else’s privacy always be moderate with the amount of notifications) little and often, tickling his or her attention and your sales will definitely increase. Let’s move on to MONETIZATION: Whether in the case of the prepared dish or the new garment or collection, you could ask your supplier for a contribution to highlight this or that product. DO NOT laugh, I know what you are thinking! Look at the fact that in large-scale retail of any nature, it is a well-established practice to PAY to put new references on sale. Why shouldn’t this also be the case in your case. Of course you have to have a store that’s throbbing, but in any case the art of negotiation can bring results you can’t even imagine. you will be able to ask for contributions in cash or in merchandise itself, for you it is always MONEY as well as being a highlight for your customers.

How to build customer loyalty with eCommerceVolution®: digital flyers

  • Handouts IN DIGITAL: Whether you already do promotional activities by flyer or not, you can make them available digitally within the APP. If you already do this kind of work you know that 80 percent of paper flyers are thrown in the trash and only 20 percent are read. This will allow you to optimize the quantities in print, but most importantly, with the DIGITAL FLIERS, you will be sure that your customers can use it and not throw it away. If, on the other hand, you have never done flyer printing and distribution THIS IS THE TIME TO START. FREE. If you need support we are always there–we can be your graphic design office.

How to build customer loyalty with eCommerceVolution®: last minute offers

  • LAST MINUTE OFFERS: Whether you have products with a short expiration date, an apparel collection that you need to end because there is a change of season, or simply because you have found a must-have opportunity with which you can do business with your customers, you can post LAST MINUTE OFFERS in digital flyer style and even then notify your customers. Strategically you can alternate between publishing digital flyers for longer periods of time and even daily targeted offers.

How to build customer loyalty with eCommerceVolution®: customer support

  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT & CLAIMS: YOUR customer should never feel ALONE! With automated service ticket management you can track everything that happens in your store or supermarket chain. For all the topics that you define, the customer can ask you for assistance, and you can know where each request stands, change its status when it is completed, and have the most total management, especially tracked. This is also a reason for high retention. The more support you offer your customers, the more you will be their point of reference in your industry/business.

How to build customer loyalty with eCommerceVolution®: news and events

  • NEWS and EVENTS: these are 2 different sections with high retention value if used correctly. By now we are inundated with NEWS and portals that offer us the latest on everything so much so that we now look at them when we really have nothing to do; but the Web unfortunately is a constant distraction and also a constant zapping between this and that distraction (advertising or otherwise). Therefore, if you decide to curate your BLOG inside the APP, you will ensure that your customers, to be your readers must use the APP and the circle closes… they are in–they can buy! Why NOT give the option to SHARE ON SOCIALS? Because social represents distraction, and we do not want our customer to be distracted but to be attentive to our news/proposals. Here’s that if we create a closed loop, it will be less urged to jump elsewhere unless it decides to close the APP directly but know that statistically, in 9 out of 10 cases, we are induced to actions, we don’t do them on purpose. Therefore, avoiding the stresses that come from outside will keep them focused on your goal. Same with EVENTS that can be entered into the calendar directly, but cannot be shared.

How to build customer loyalty: all the advantages Of loyalty with eCommerceVolution®

The 8 points touched on above are part of what we like to call the loyalty ecosystem, which is complemented by 2 others:

  • SMART eCommerce with eCommerceVolution: upload the products by importing an excel sheet that contains all the useful information and the system will do everything by itself; with less than 15 seconds you can upload 9,000 references and all their basic information. You do not need to have a management system as this way you can do everything with ease. You can upload the sheet with the information as many times as you want and immediately the changes will be usable by all APPs. You can change prices, descriptions, extent of promotions, stocks, and all other information as often as you like. THE BEST for those who want to have an easy and quickly usable system. The eCommerce has an internal chat system for each order and allows you to exchange messages with the customer who will receive push notifications and can respond to you immediately. Product no longer available? Running out of supplies? Merchandise not actually saleable even though available? No problem, you can propose alternatives to your customer immediately before closing the order, wait for his confirmation and then get to prepare or ship it. If you sell products by weight such as groceries you have decimals available in any case and you can confirm the order to the customer with the actual weight you are going to charge therefore the customer’s receipt will always be exact to the penny!
  • CUSTOMIZED DISCOUNTS per individual consumer: the era of the same discounts for everyone in the same way and in the same amount is over; you can have 2 types of algorithms that go into working out behavioral patterns for all your customers. One by one. And so for each of them you can create a customized discount policy all the way up to creating an entire customized digital flyer, customer by customer.

These 10 points if well and consistently used lead your customer to understand that you ARE AT LEAST EQUAL to the big eCommerce giants if not SUPERIOR and I’ll explain why right now before moving on to the two points above.

Amazon has made its fortune through:

  1. purchasing convenience
  2. unequivocal guarantee of return
  3. timely assistance
  4. impeccable logistics

I have left out the price aspect because it is too broad an argument to address and this is not the topic; I can summarize by saying that Amazon is not always the cheapest … partly because it is those who sell on its portal who make the deals…. unless they are Amazon’s own products…. (but that is another story)

On the first 3 points you can compete on par, in fact you have the advantage of having a store, which Amazon does not have…. On the 4th you have no need to compete since your goal must be proximity eCommerce and not GLOBAL eCommerce.

Having an eCommerce “open to the world” means big investments in advertising but we talk about this specifically in the post dedicated to online advertising how does it work?

Let’s focus on proximity eCommerce.

You need to sell to customers who are within your range.

You need to focus on in-store preparation and pickup rather than shipping.

The shipping charges feature is being implemented with the next release that will be available soon but in any case if you have a store in Rome in the prati district, you don’t have to have the goal of selling in Milan but neither do you have to sell on the other side of Rome.

You need to focus on your reach and “capture” as many customers as you can by offering them the 3 services we mentioned earlier.

Don’t spend money on unnecessary advertising but give service and value to your customers.

With YOUR APP you can, by having everyone install it, “be with them all the time” and become their point of reference for your commercial/business activity.

We now come to the two functions mentioned above.


One of the problems, especially of businesses that sell FOOD or in any case various household/personal care products, etc., can be product availability.

Granted that you have stock management available for the store, you may for whatever reason not have it available anyway and that could be a problem.

An unforeseen situation could also arise (deteriorated and unsaleable product, already physically sold to another customer, etc.), and this is where the internal chat that is triggered for every order that is placed with you intervenes.

You will be able to communicate with your customer by proposing alternatives, and when the order can be considered closed (be aware that in case of variations the order will be put on hold pending final customer confirmation to avoid disputes) everything will proceed.

This feature will make your customer’s shopping experience just like being in the store: give me 2 ounces of Parma ham… I need to start it, would you rather take more or is the small slice okay with you? No give me more! Okay I propose a nice San Daniele what do you say? Okay proceed… Same system!

Or. I’ll try this knit in size M… Look that this type of knitting tends to be actually tighter therefore I recommend that you try the L directly… Ok I’ll try on the L!

As if you were in the store, only everything is done via notification and INTERNAL CHAT to the order.

The customer will also receive a summary of what he or she is purchasing always via the indicated email and whenever the status of the order changes (requested, approved, in preparation, shipped) he or she will receive a notice informing him or her of the status of the order…where are we?


Whether you already have a purchase tracking system in place via FIDELITY CARD or not, if you really want to evolve your relationship with your customers you will need to move to CUSTOM PROMOTIONS.

Every customer should feel that he is the center of attention and will be as satisfied as he knows that that discount is ONLY FOR HIM.

Currently there is no such product on the market-there is ours.

1,000–10,000–100,000 customers–a hundred thousand discounts customized based on their behavior.

The release of this function will take place by 2022…

… and will be the BOOSTER for YOUR business.


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