How to make an e commerce site while avoiding the 9 most common mistakes

There are so many people who search the Web for "how to make an e commerce site" or simply "how to build an eCommerce site" but do not take into account at all another question that should precede:
"to whom do I want to go and sell my products with eCommerce"?

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There are so many people who search the Web for “how to make an e commerce site” or simply “how to build an eCommerce site” but do not take into account at all another question that should precede:

“to whom do I want to go and sell my products with eCommerce”?

Many small and large business owners only became aware of this problem “thanks” to the pandemic that literally stopped hundreds of thousands of businesses, surprising them and putting them in a position where they could no longer operate.

Only those who had good or bad ecommerce already active and were able to continue selling online were saved.

Now, before we ask ourselves “how to make an e commerce site,” we need to be clear in mind who is the target customer we want to capture, and this also depends a lot on the type of business.

If we had a grocery or household store located in Rome we would have to worry about selling in our neighborhood and being able to reach all of our customers via the Web as well while if we had a clothing store selling particular garments then we could talk about pure eCommerce allowing me to sell in Milan as well.

On the other hand, if my grocery store sells special preparations and I am organized for shipping here is where talking about real eCommerce might make sense.

I said might as it always depends on the target turnover that is expected and also on 2 other factors:

  1. If I plan to sell from Rome to Milan, I must also be organized for shipping and payments
  2. If I think of selling from Rome to Milan, I have to think of advertising (network advertising)

Here now the simple question “how to make an e commerce site” takes a different form already, but let’s still introduce some other insights that will help us understand which choice to make.

The very first question must therefore be:

Should I sell in my catchment area or sell in general without worrying about distances and territory?

For most businesses, the catchment area to be considered is the more or less neighboring catchment area depending on the business, the services it offers, etc. (but we discuss this separately).

Even a large supermarket has its catchment area, which, of course, will be much larger than a small store, but still limited…

I don’t buy detergents in Milan to get them in Rome … although the big players like Amazon today have in fact changed this important conception, but we with our commercial activity will never be on this plane.

Here is that for these reasons, how to make an e commerce site must be preceded by a study to understand our precise need.

As we have already mentioned, the bulk of the small-medium operators or supermarkets, need to reach a specific catchment area, and since they do not have to sell their products 50 km away, they will need, rather than an actual eCommerce, an “online sales system,” which can easily be something else.

We have seen during this pandemic, businesses that, before wondering “how to make an e commerce site,” have organized themselves with sales through Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

To date, the pandemic is by no means over and there is still a strong need to move from offline to online but we need to distinguish.

Yet still today we read a post on EKM, a British company that “assembles” eCommerce and has more than 80,000 customers to its credit, which trivializes in the extreme how to build your own eCommerce, summing it all up in 9 simple steps, like drinking a glass of water in summer under 40 degrees, in its post:

  1. Find a trade name
  2. Check your domain availability
  3. Choosing how to sell online
  4. Select a theme
  5. Upload your products
  6. Include important pages
  7. Configure Google Analytics and Google My Business
  8. Configure the Facebook pixel
  9. Configure payment gateways

This is their answer to the question “how to make an e commerce site,” and probably this, enriched and peppered with explanations, perhaps with a few extra points too, is the same old rant you can hear from any web agency that also deals with paid traffic.

Yes, because after our eCommerce has come to life, if we don’t invest in bringing visitors to the site, we have made a money-losing investment.

Consider that to develop a decent eCommerce we need to invest 2 to 10 thousand Euros for the infrastructure, which, when created, needs advertising.

We must then know that online advertising is a real black hole–the more users you want, the more money you have to invest in the machine.

500, 1,000, 2,000 euros and more per month…

Not to mention the money to be invested for the agency that will take care of all this for you.

Is the question still “how to make an e commerce site” or has it turned into “how to build an online sales system” to support offline?

In my opinion and ours, the latter must be the question to ask, after obviously identifying the target audience.

And here is the market need that led us to develop our mobile APP dedicated to creating an “online sales system” which, combined with the customer loyalty ecosystem, is in our opinion the most centered choice.

Having a “system” available that allows me to sell online to my catchment area while avoiding all those unnecessary activities that would waste my time and divert my attention from my main goal: to sell in my catchment area and not to do so through WhatsApp.

And so, if we take the checklist from before made by the fateful 9 points, we could already lighten it by 6 as unnecessary and go look at them:

How to a site and Commerce from scratch

Step 1 “Find a business name” is no longer needed–we have our APP and that is enough.

Step 2 “check domain availability” is no longer needed–we have our APP and don’t need domains to purchase and maintain.

Step 3, “choosing how to sell online” i.e., whether to use your own site or marketplaces a la Amazon to understand you…is no longer needed…we have our APP

Step 4 “select a theme” i.e., a graphics system that is appealing is no longer needed as we have our APP

Step 7 “set up Google Analytics and Google My Business” is no longer needed as we do not sell through a site but have our own APP

Step 8 “Configure the Facebook pixel” is no longer needed as we have our APP

As you can see, with our system, you will finally be able to concentrate on your main activities:

  • Uploading products and photos
  • Important pages (privacy and terms of sale)
  • Payment configuration

Have we answered your question about “how to make an e commerce site”?

Discover our dedicated mobile APP developed to let us sell within our catchment area without spending a single euro on advertising and with the simplicity of 4 clicks.

Don’t build an eCommerce if you don’t need it, but absolutely equip yourself with a modern online sales system that, above all, has been developed specifically for your customers’ smartphones, the most widely used medium of today and tomorrow.


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