How to make a customer loyalty program perfect

And it is at this point that generally a customer says and asks ... "since you know everything you reveal the secret behind it, what is the perfect customer loyalty program, if any, and how does it work?"
First of all, it is not that we know everything but, as we have repeatedly said in our presentation, we are professionals who have been working in this world of mass market for many, many years, who know it very deeply and who have put their experiences together to design a sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm and then put it on the market and make it usable for everyone.

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How to make a perfect customer loyalty program

However, our answer is always very clear: a loyalty program is truly successful when it puts its customer at the center of attention, differentiates him, offers him discounts that are just for him, exclusively for him, and puts him in a real position to have interactions with those who sell him products and services.

Of course, these are not secrets, but fundamentals that are studied even in school, even in college, of course, if the main objective of a company is to measure the activities of competitors and give answers in the same way, you enter the usual mechanism of price leverage, you enter the usual mechanism of ruthless competition without any added value, but this means shifting the axis of your actions in the completely wrong direction.

By this we do not mean that we should disregard the competition-on the contrary, looking at what others are doing should always be done to see if our direct competitors are making steps ahead of us-but for healthy competition, where by healthy we mean absolutely profitable, we need to rethink our strategies.

We need to move from solutions where we put promotional price leverage first, to strategies that integrate not only promotional levers, but also modes, sophisticated ways of engaging customers and retaining them.

la scala dei valori

Therefore, it is essential to clusterize one’s client portfolios possibly, as we say, in as much detail as possible.

This does not mean that it can be enough to make 10 containers within which to converge perhaps my million customers by dividing them into 10 different but broad classifications and then be able to go and perform 10 different types of actions to satisfy 10 broad case histories.

What we have studied over the years and realized with our sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm, which is unique to date, is a proposition where “ONE is ONE” that is, “ONE is worth ONE” … each customer is a story in itself, each customer is absolutely unique, each customer’s buying experience cannot be lumped together with others.

According to our model, should we be faced with a business with 4 million customers, our tool creates 4 million behavioral patterns each based on each individual customer precisely because of the logic where each one is worth one…

And so 4 million different interactions, 4 million propositions absolutely different from each other, each of them based on the behaviors of each individual user, forged on their buying habits, their habits in frequenting our stores, their habits in choosing this or that product.

Here is what we think is the ideal mechanism.

Shaping a proposal around a client as if it were a tailored suit made entirely on our client’s body, based on the purchases of the classic “Mario Rossi” and not “Fabrizio Gialli,” getting to fully interact with each of our clients, updating everything over time and having each behavioral model “learn” the “body measurements of each client.”

Therefore, not clustering but unifying every single behavior, every single action, every single person who performs his or her purchasing gesture recorded by our good loyalty card in order to arrive at the most targeted proposals for everyone.

la scala dei valori

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