How to defend customers and business from competition

Here, immediately after these words, perhaps you may think ... but whose side are you on?
Or ... what are you talking about?
But do you by any chance want all the achievements made on the consumer side to be jettisoned?
Absolutely not!

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come difendere i clienti 1

We are also consumers, I myself am a very careful consumer, I use comparators, I always want to pay the lowest price for the same product, but of course we are also business consultants, therefore, we obviously also reason on the side of both producing and distributing companies, and so we have to as a rule do the math for both sides.

Whenever we approach a problem, we check every facet of it and always put ourselves in the other party’s shoes.

We must therefore always consider and keep an eye on everything also because we often wonder:

  • Is it still worthwhile to do promotional activities in this way?
  • Is it still worthwhile for a consumer to jump from store to store, physical or virtual, to buy the product he or she needs at the cheapest price?
  • Is it still worth having available and in place loyalty programs that give and lead to almost no loyalty from our consumers?
  • Do we want to keep sending tons of printed paper to waste when we talk about leaflets?
  • Although we are aware that a large percentage of the total printed flyers are thrown away without even being opened, do we still want to continue printing so many?
  • For all these questions, are we sure that continuing down the old road is the only option … “we’ve always done it this way anyway and it’s worked out fine?”
come difendere i clienti 2
best price

It is necessarily necessary to move forward.

On the other hand, if we look at Amazon, the same doesn’t make flyers and yet it grows exponentially … it developed all online and yet it grows exponentially …

At this point we need to ask ourselves questions, and we need to consider whether what we use and what represents our pattern for growth is still relevant, whether it needs to be modified or supplemented.

Will we all have to take the same route then? Will we all have to move toward e-commerce, perhaps being on Amazon or the Facebook store?

Because Amazon (who will apologize for what we are stating), will bring everyone to closure and does not represent the example that should be followed rather, ways must be found to escape what, like a black hole swallows all forms of matter down to the light itself, eventually leading to the cessation of entire forms of business.

Certainly, with all these statements, we are aware that we shake other certainties, but wanting to refer to an interview I had in May 2020 we also have to bring this example that we now present to you:

We searched (on Google) for a window canopy, a washing machine hose, and a portable hard drive.

Let’s find out about the research together …

Without any surprise, we found in the first place of the organic results (i.e., the non-paying results) of all three searches none other than … Amazon!

We then see that there are other operators who pay (thus using AdWords, which over time costs and will cost more and more) and in fact, the other competitors we find them, in plain sight, but in sponsored (thus paid) content.

amazon 1

Amazon therefore no longer has to think about allocating large sums of money to appear, as it has already become such an authoritative source that it is on the first page and in the first position with a plethora of keywords, something that the owner of a simple e-commerce site never could.

Amazon only needs to publish a new product tab to see the most relevant keywords on that page jump to the first position (or at most to the second position), in the generality of cases.

amazon 2

There are operators flocking, queuing up to be able to sell on its marketplace, when however we should be aware that to do so is to slip into a dead-end tunnel … namely that of the war on the last price … why? Because the seller who is put in the first position is always the one who reports the best price!!!

Which of you would buy the same product at a higher price? You would only do it according to the positive reviews at the store … but if all the sellers with the best reviews, 97% and up, have the lowest price, why would you prefer to buy at a higher price? … (see in the example given)

problem solution
come difendere i clienti 3

Let us now return to our reasoning, to all the questions we generally ask ourselves, and from here we need to really understand what we really need, what tools and what innovations we need, in order to get to the point of building a new growth policy that is sustainable over time, avoids us being “swallowed up by black holes,” but still allows us to defend our market and our hard-won leadership.


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