How to create a successful eCommerce

How to Create an eCommerce is now the background music for any current thinking.
Whether we are talking about clothing, footwear, household products or food, today's entrepreneurs are mainly wondering how to create eCommerce.
The first question we need to ask ourselves is what scenario we are in and where we are going, and to this question, we can succinctly answer in this way: the big marketplaces are consolidating growths in terms of market share (read Amazon and Aliexpress above all), while the outsiders are doing everything they can to participate in what is futuribly the new global scenario.
We are talking about Facebook, Instagram and also Google of course.

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Let’s start with the latter… Google.

It has always tried some solutions to get in but they were unlucky and now it is thinking of deploying its younger brother, Youtube, so that it can become a trump card, considering that, more and more, videos are gaining importance on the web.

Today Google is limited to doing online advertising (what is otherwise called online advertising) and integrating within the “shopping” function third-party eCommerce platforms but soon it could happen that, the goods you see on youtube, you could buy them online on the very same portal and not from Amazon or others.

This is a very important change of strategy that you need if you are now considering just how to create an eCommerce!

Imagine how many videos are present in Youtube???

Over 1.3 billion users

Over 400 hours of video content is uploaded every minute

It is the second largest site by unique visitors in the world

More than 83 million videos are estimated to have been uploaded…

Well if you want to read about Youtube stats, go see this specific post on Youtube stats and trivia but going back to our question about how to create an eCommerce, we should know that Youtube will be among our next competitors and, thanks to the numbers it is able to put out, it is definitely one of the fiercest.

But what are the main goals for how to create eCommerce with Youtube?

They have set themselves the goal of intercepting and tagging every item that appears in the videos and then, by linking the tools available in Google’s house, creating a large catalog of items proposable to Youtube users by making them buy directly.

It is known that the company is also testing a new integration with Shopify specifically to speed up the sales process through its eCommerce on YouTube.

But why explain this right after asking for advice on how to create an eCommerce.

And there you have the prompt response.

Youtube is Google’s little brother but the undisputed leader in video content.

Google is also the undisputed leader in the world of online advertising but over time is seeing its share eroded by the two giants Amazon and Aliexpress which, by now, have taken the place of the search engine, at least in terms of searching for purchasable goods that the user is aware can be found on the two marketplaces just mentioned.

This generates 4 types of problems:

  1. lower influx of Google searches
  2. less publicity shown as a result
  3. Lower relative adherence for Google shopping
  4. Future a replacement as a search engine for categories of purchasable goods

All of this led to ulla decision to integrate a powerful eCommerce within the landmark video network. Youtube precisely.

Here is where from being the undisputed king of advertising, Youtube and thus Google, will become a major competitor for eCommerce such as Amazon and Aliexpress.

Most likely, creators of videos that they then upload to YouTube will be incentivized to tag products to then have % returns (they are testing offering 30%)

And so here is the 3rd, very important global player in the eCommerce world.

After this news, are you still interested in knowing how to create an eCommerce?

Then know that among the big players could not miss Facebook and Instagram, which are increasingly providing functionality to their portals to allow anyone to open their own store by simply connecting to their APP.

As of today, any of us can create an eCommerce easily and without investment just by taking a few steps.

According to Bloomberg, eCommerce could grow to $2.8 trillion by 2025; and excluded from these figures are sales from China!!!

Amazon, Aliexpress, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube.

These are the players with whom you will have to compete: and how?

We propose our own solution:

An APP that allows you to do eCommerce on YOUR platform, starting with YOUR everyday customers and only for them! Why such a choice?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the further we go, the bigger concentrations, both physical and virtual, will be too strong.

Increasingly, other portals such as TikTok or Douyin where influencers sell live items of all kinds using video streams will pop up.

Can you still expect to fight against all these big platforms and with the future ones that will come over time?

Do you have a business activity? Yes?


Also open it online through us.

So to the question how to create an eCommerce the answers are:

  1. not the classic eCommerce site open to everyone but a customized APP for YOUR business that you can have your customers install
  2. this way you will sell only to them (i.e., only to those who know you and have downloaded it) but you will build loyalty 1 million times more than a store that is open to all but to advertise
  3. remember that your loyal customers are your most important customers and you must not lose them

The APP will allow you everything in a SMART way and has a whole range of features that will not only provide your customers with value-added services but also build their loyalty sale after sale.

Curious to find out how to create an eCommerce with our eCommerceVolution APP ???

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