eCommerce is not the solution: the solution is customers

So where were we?
Do we all go to Amazon or Facebook? We absolutely repeat, NO!
Amazon will forgive us but, we will keep repeating, it is not an example to follow as it has the same effect as black holes (they will forgive us for the definition) and, despite the great service they give, despite the fact that I am also a happy customer of them, we know what some of the individual stores that operate there think and we are aware that it cannot be a choice.

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This obviously applies not only to Amazon, but to all the big Marketplaces especially when, in terms of bargaining strength, we are faced with such impractical differences as we know.

All these large portals, by some, have been experienced as a panacea, as being on Amazon certainly means making a lot of sales (provided you sell at the best price in the market and margin) but these sales, we know, only and exclusively materialize if you can be ready to wage the price war: mentally and economically.

WHEREAS, however, all Marketplace portals, allow us to sort products in various ways, we keep repeating that for example, for the ten sellers offering the same item, they are offered in order of increasing price.

You can operate by quality of reviews, etc., but in any case, even if the sorting was different by default, we would still be the ones to reorder them, with a simple filter, depending on the price anyway to figure out where to buy.

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If we want to go and look at another portal such as for example Aliexpress, which, is now the leader for the Eastern world, but in any case has its market share growing in the EU as well, when we go to look for a particular product, we are offered many stores, from individual sellers, at different prices and there we are, always and in any case, doing the sorting to go and check what is the best price against the same product.

So all this is to say that going to these portals, as well as ebay or others, means you want to sell at the lowest price, or someone else will probably sell instead of you!

And this cannot be the solution for someone who wants to implement new digital technologies, in general this is not the right investment in digitization, this is not how one invests in one’s future but simply uses someone else’s medium that leads us to the (unfortunately), black hole.

Then what is the solution??????????


Well! before any reasoning, it is necessary to think that in order to arrive at a solution, we must necessarily start with the problem and be clear about it in all its facets.

We have to look at the scenario in its entirety, make a very thorough analysis because, without a clear scenario, where the goals and objectives are blatantly defined, we risk making a wrong diagnosis and therefore, as a result, the solutions we would go to put in place to achieve those set goals could also be wrong.

What should not be done today, especially after all that has happened with Covid, is the thought that it is enough to have e-commerce in order to be able to sell: this is absolutely not the case, and a healthy digital integration strategy that is sustainable and leads to steady growth is only the result of planning to be put in place in an articulate way and over time.


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