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We came to another brutal question that, generally, an entrepreneur asks when talking to us...namely....
"According to what you are saying, we need to increase investments in fidelity programs so put a lot more resources, modernize and then change what we already have, to have tools that are more appropriate with the times and somehow also change the distribution of resources and ... all this means that I will have to put in extremely large capital investments and here I am also wondering whether I can or cannot do this ... how many entrepreneurs can afford to do this?"

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First let us start by saying that, according to our formula, following our way of operating, it is possible to do all of this with zero cost impact; this means that, following our programs, we can safely redistribute resources by going for all those goals that need to be achieved, rather than all the other goals that have been pursued so far by means that we can consider outdated.

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So, to the question. ‘whether we need investments in loyalty programs to renew and make our loyalty card effective,’ the answer is ‘absolutely yes,’ they should be increased but only if they are not in line with what we should spend on average, but it is also true that, if the total budget allows for it (and generally the answer is yes), just shift resources from replaceable budgets as we have a way of thinking about it, and with zero regressive impact on sales, that is, from budgets allocated to activities that no longer bring added value and, if we went to take them away, we would not see sales regress anyway.

We then think about modernization, that is, changing the tools to have more appropriate ones with the times… it is only partly correct to think that, modernizing, necessarily means changing the tools that, up to now, you use throwing everything away …. But you can integrate the old with the new, and, this phrase, also represents our motto.

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There is no need to throw everything away as if, having finished one cycle, a new one begins, but it is right to bring everything back to the present time to be reused with the right weights.

Today you have to think about integration, making steps forward in everything we have already put in place.

When we then talk about somehow changing the distribution of resources, this is also only partially correct, because ‘it is not somehow’ that resources are to be redistributed but, according to an extremely precise and planned strategy and, with absolutely appropriate instruments.


We can’t think of distributing the same resources to everyone, we can’t think of bestowing on every customer the same percentage of return, instead we have to think, over time, of personalizing our loyalty campaign… this means that we can’t do the same promotions to everyone but we should, in a short time, think of personalizing, calibrating, on each individual, the proposals that we’re going to make to put each of our customers at the center of ‘attention.

It turns out to be obvious that, to do all, this requires appropriate tools (as of today we do not see any on the market and that is why our platform was developed) and, as more resources are invested in a particular program of activities, we need to make sure that we reduce others that are considered, at that moment, certainly secondary for our purposes, if not useless.


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