Digital innovation or tradition: automobile or buggy?

Given all that we have said and, seen from the other side of the fence as we were a retailer or chain store owner, we would say ... then ... the fidelity card is pretty much outdated and so that's why we have to put it in the attic, traditional loyalty programs are partially outdated, as are, in other words, flyers and promotions as we see them up to now ... so ... it's only a matter of time that it can all go away ...

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All of these are exaggerated concepts and, like all paradoxes or exaggerated concepts precisely, they help to make the point well however we must recapitulate by pointing out that:

in our opinion, the fidelity card is a correct and functional tool but, in our opinion, we have to make a clear distinction between the part of recognizing the user or customer and the loyalty programs that are associated with it; for us, the current loyalty programs, are basically outdated and therefore, it is necessary to move forward, to understand it and therefore, our dear loyalty card, has to be transformed, integrated so that this tool really becomes a way of interacting constantly and in an ongoing way with its users and customers.

No one wants to take away that added value, but today, that little bit of added value (which then is not so little, since when we talk about investments of 1 percent up to 2 percent and we talk about so many economic resources invested in that sense), if it is money that has no return on investment and serves to be just something more, to be done regardless, we now have the realization that that is not the tool that can make our customer come back to us to make their purchases, at least not in the ways of action and interaction that should lead to loyalty.

So we keep repeating that the fidelity card is a correct tool but the current fidelity programs should definitely be outdated!

Our proposal is absolutely innovative, the first in the market to recite that (not to say that) “one is one” i.e., one is worth one … each customer represents his uniqueness, allowing anyone to make this uniqueness alive and active and to make real customized proposals based on individual user-experiences.

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For each client, yes …. Even if we were faced with millions of customers!

Also with regard to flyers, again in our opinion, they are not such obsolete tools that they basically become ready for the attic, however, they are tools that need to be rethought because, while they allow you to do brand awareness, that is, to distribute your brand by making it increasingly recognizable, perceptible as familiar … elevating it to the maximum possible power depending on the tool, they necessarily need to be re-dosed and redirected as resources that are placed within them.

Why? Simply because today we have flyers that are chock-full of products on promotion, sometimes decidedly wasted resources and traveling in the same mode for everyone, thus shooting in the heap and hoping to take as many customers as possible; these resources if they are not well targeted, both in terms of pricing policy and in terms of target customers, represent actions carried out repetitively but they no longer become the leverage to promote products by getting them to try them out and making sure that continuously there are sustainable base sales, but rather they become the almost unique leverage to sell, making end customers buy promotions and not products.

All this generates nothing but confusion, knocking down the margins of both distributors and companies, leading the price fight to be the main weapon for shifting consumption from precisely this product to that product.

The unwillingness to realize these aspects really means that we today, in 2020, although we have the automobile at our disposal to move from Rome to Milan or to take nice sightseeing tours, we would still take the horse or at most the buggy.

Mind you, we are not talking about recreational riding but just like going back in time!

So why should we do this with tools such as flyers and loyalty programs? Isn’t it worthwhile to take advantage of the present but more importantly organize for the future?


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