Customized discounts per customer if we want to evolve

We should, at this point in the discussion, understand that our customer, is a customer who jumps from one store to another, from one sign to another, because we have put him in a position to do so, thanks to loyalty programs that are ineffective, if not insubstantial and, in any case, do not guarantee him any interaction that can actually lead him to be loyal.

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We have also seen that, at times, promotional mechanisms, not properly planned, can lead the customer not to turn away, but in any case, to prefer other outlets, within which, they can buy what they need or want to take anyway.

We should remember as well that, promotions repeated consistently over time, regress the price perceived by the customer.

So what is the strategy that we put in place?

Simply putting together all the weaknesses we talked about earlier, to put them side by side with operational solutions, which can lead us to solve them, to lead us beyond the obstacles.

We have, of course, developed a whole series of other important features, which are the final derivation of everything we have said so far, and which, in any case, complement our software, CRM platform, and mobile APP.

In a few, really very few words, we can say that we have researched and developed a fully automatable promotional scheduling system based on the individual sales experiences of individual customers, which is not only derived from one’s own customer experience within the relevant store, but is extremely more articulated.

We have yes categorized his purchases, worked out his behavioral patterns, checked purchase assumptions, methods, timing, loyalty, frequency, and so many other parameters that, led us to make real value scales, and allowed us to be able to shape behavioral patterns to be able to get to “tailor a suit,” i.e., to propose customized promotions for each individual and customer.

This means that we can finally schedule offers for Mario, Philip, and Francis, where we do not actually go and change only the name (like the examples we gave earlier, where only one name is changed to emails, in reality, however, the same for all, or at any rate for all those belonging to a single cluster), but we proceed to as many individual promotional offers, for as many as there are customers.

All this has a very important impact on the GDPR side considering that, today more than yesterday, the regulations are extremely restrictive, but this is good because today we are protecting to the maximum the consumer who, in any case, and as we have seen again before, wants to make their data available.

Eighty percent of consumers we have seen that they want to make their data available for proposals to be personalized, while the one thing they don’t want (and none of us would), is that behind the taking of this data there is not theft, forcings in acquiring it, a wanting it at all costs, cornering the defenseless consumer.

We must always remember that the consumer is that person whom we must empower to trust us to give, with as much peace of mind as possible, his or her personal information in exchange for an absolutely personalized shopping experience, on his or her needs and those of the family for whom he or she shops.


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