Customer loyalty: the most appropriate investments

Well, it's time to figure out whether the amount of investment in terms of marketing, in terms of the customer retention programs that I as a business owner am putting in place, is in line or not, Rather than ... are there benchmarks against which we can compare against our investments?
The answers can be found in the table below:

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We can see that, 71 percent of companies, are investing at least 2 percent of their revenue within customer loyalty programs of which, about 47 percent are investing figures around 2 to 3 percent, while 24 percent are going well over 3 percent.

These are already values with which we can make comparisons to what we do.

Let’s then start from an assumption… and that is that, in terms of digitalization, we have arrived at 5G therefore at a data transmission model that allows us to reach transfers/rates that were unthinkable until 4/5 years ago and, that even the big retailers in the fresh world, one above all Walmart (US market), have set themselves goals to catch up with the lost road… for example, Walmart itself has set itself the goal (mind you as a test), to get to serve as many as 1.000,000…you got it right…1,000,000 households served as a test by going so far as to deliver the product inside the home refrigerator.

What is this supposed to mean?

Simply that if we wanted to make a comparison with the Italy market, we would find (hear … hear), that we are far behind, and since we are in complete antithesis with our times, with respect to how we should be structured from the point of view of implementing digital technologies, we must as soon as possible integrate the new with the old, in order to get to evolve.

If we think about the large companies and corporations on which this type of interview is based (this report that developed Loyaltyone), we have to consider that 7.3 percent of sales are spent annually on marketing programs.

Mind you, we’re talking about 7.3 percent of the revenues of multinational corporations billing billions–this is to understand the extent of investment in marketing and retention as far as it goes.

We must also consider that, 88 percent of professionals, who responded to these questions, consider the implementation of loyalty programs to be strategic within a more overall business growth and strategy component.

We now have values against which we can make comparisons with respect to what our usual activities are, but more importantly, with respect to what our investment programs and future development programs are that we have already put in place!


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