Customer loyalty rhymes with interaction with customers

And so ... given what has been said so far, I take the fidelity cards or loyalty cards, whatever we prefer to call them which, being to date plastic, I turn them into electronic fidelity cards and so I have renewed the instrument, substituting digital for traditional ... is that okay or not?
Let's make a point ... to think about changing the plastic loyalty card to electronic, to think that this is enough or can be enough to "fix the innovation problem" would be nice ... it would be magic ...

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First, there is no need to fix anything, let alone a problem … loyalty cards are not a problem, they remain an opportunity if combined with a solid loyalty program that makes them attractive to consumers again … second, and not in order of importance … the loyalty card even plastic continues to do just fine, so much as it is a recognition tool … the important thing runs behind it … and it is the guiding tool.


Now, first of all, let’s clarify again about fidelity cards: fidelity cards or loyalty cards are the tool for recognizing our customer and, mainly, they serve precisely to recognize him, assign him a possible discount, make him participate in a certain promotion or recognize him a prize, based on the points he has accumulated over time.

When we talk about “for all” accumulated rewards … repeat for the hundredth time that they are equal for everyone, when he participates in a promotion, maybe promotions for loyalty card holders only, but still, they are promotions that are basically equal for everyone (since all those who own it and are registered in the program, can benefit from it), or they remain a recognition tool, so at this point, whether I have a tool that is based on a physical fidelity card, or whether it has become an Electronic Fidelity Card, it changes little because so much is like using an APP like STOCARD.

STOCARD is one of the many applications that allows us to store within our smartphones the loyalty cards of the various stores, of all the stores of which we are customers and which we visit, so whether it is electronic as in this case, whether it is in the most common plastic, it does not change anything because the thing that really matters is the loyalty program associated with it.


If we take as a basis the study that LoyaltyOne carried out in Canada, which is one of the most advanced countries in this respect, 78% of the users surveyed, out of 4,500, prefer to use the physical card so they prefer to carry it with them in their wallet and present it to the cashier when they go to pay.

Then if we wanted to go and look at what happens in Singapore, the percentage drops from 78 percent to 56 percent, but this is probably because in Singapore they are probably much more “smart and technological,” preferring at this point a digital tool and so they have an electronic card but, in any case, nothing changes, because the key finding is that, only 18 percent of the users surveyed, answered in the affirmative to the question of whether or not he plays a real role within the loyalty programs.

What does it mean to play a real role within loyalty programs?

It means having real interactions built on the individual user behind us, and if not, we are never going to retain any customers.

So no matter what type of recognition tool we use, whether it is physical in plastic or digital using a mobile device, the really important thing is represented by the loyalty program that is associated with it, and so this generally leads to a lot of thinking, making conclude and summarize by saying: it is often not necessary to move the recognition tool from the physical to the digital one, because instead it becomes essential to associate a real loyalty program that makes our customer really part of a “system” created for him, that revolves around him, that really engages him and makes him feel at the real center of attention.

The gift or other will represent the last of the things he will go to look at and compare.


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