Dr. Barbara Assaiante: my course of study first, professional then...

I have helped a variety of companies and SMEs in multiple aspects, from organizational and reorganization, to training and even dealing with effective marketing and communication, putting all the experience gained over the years to good use. Today, going through neuromarketing, I decided together with other professionals to found a start-up. Big Data Innovation Group.

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I am from 1973, I went to high school for a passion toward literary and scientific subjects, especially chemistry and biology.

During my fifth year of high school, my interest in humanities was born; I delved into sociology, psychology and neuro-science readings.

Aspects related to human nature, its individual and group dynamics, interactions in communication processes I discover to be my greatest passions and, from that moment, I understand that my path is the University path in Psychology!!!

I choose the clinical and community path as it makes me delve precisely into the cognitive and behavioral aspects of the individual and the individual in a group so much so that I choose to submit a thesis in Criminology, a subject I pursue with a Master’s Degree.

I also undertake the Specialization in Psychotherapy, Gestalt and Transactional Analysis address that will facilitate me in clinical work, in training and intervention on Organization and Re-organization Business processes, in addition to deepening the aspect of communication through the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) subject that I pursue over the years with specific studies and experimenting with it through work experience.

In addition, the analysis of neuro-psychological aspects, the study of mirror neurons, that of emotional intelligence and language related to neuro-psychology also lead me to investigate the dynamics in the “Company System.”

I then choose to attend a number of Master’s programs in the Corporate field that will transform my career path, no longer only in the clinical field, but also in Companies as an HR Expert in the areas of Selection, Training, Corporate Management, Orientation and Outplacement.

I have been working in the HR field for over 15 years, at the same time I have had the opportunity to work with several Companies as a management consultant, and I have frequently collaborated with magazines in the role of Copywriter, ……. I have worked with a number of companies in the service industry to manage information content (Copywriting) on websites and to promote products and services by building effective content, taking care of the semantic and neurolinguistic aspect of the message.

I regularly participate in advanced courses in the areas of Effective Communication, NLP and Marketing & Web Marketing.

I have worked for years with the Municipality and the Province of Rome as well as in several Companies, SMEs in the Tertiary Sector, as an HR Expert for Corporate Management, climate analysis and designing paths of corporate reorganization that have led to greater efficiency and effectiveness of work in the Enterprise, resulting in an improvement in the objectives of increasing turnover set by the Company.

In 2015, I met a group of professionals with whom we discovered, after discussing a number of topics, that we could embark on a common path in the areas of behavioral analysis and big data, marketing and neuromarketing, NLP and the individual’s behaviors.

This path led to the study first and the design and implementation later, of an articulated and complex system of artificial intelligence related to the world of marketing; we made a software, of “only” 35gb that we published at the public registry of the SIAE. Its destination was not to be commercialized “right away” but to test the whole system to get to the final version, now under final development (2020) that will result in having a web platform that will manage the AI while the mobile part will take care of the terminal phase at the customers/consumers.

Today, however, I am a 360-degree business consultant with a focus on HR and business organization, I continue to pursue my work as a psychologist and psychotherapist anyway following a certain number of patients, and I am trying my hand at this new and exciting challenge with the company I helped found. Big Data Innovation Group Srl; read the company profile

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